The Happy Pirates Hybrid Diapers (PUL)

The Happy Pirates Hybrid Diapers (PUL)

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Hybrid Molded Diapers

What is a hybrid layer? In fact, it's overlocked at the front and back, but elastic bands on the thighs are commonly referred to as “turned”. Perfect for babies sensitive to overlock.


The molded diaper is a washable diaper that combines comfort and absorbtion. It is designed as a pocket diaper, but does not need any insert or "fitting", its entire surface is made of absorbent material. This layer will become your favorite warrior against long nights and walks. We have even added a layer of waterproof fabrics (Pul) to our layer to maximize the dryness effect of it.


Composed of bamboo fleece to maximize absorption and bamboo velor so soft you'll be jealous! In addition to the Pul barrier, we use jersey or French terry depending on the model. A matched booster is offered to you with each to optimize its use according to your needs.

Ideally, it will be worn under a diaper cover for nice dry nights, but can be worn on its own for short periods of daylight.

They are adjusted using press studs or a snappi / Boingo attachment for ´'snapless '' to ensure a perfect and flexible fit according to the baby's morphology .


NB: 4-14lb

OS: 8-35lb

Toddler: 20-45lb approximately


* NB: 14-16oz

* OS: 25-30oz

* Toddler: 32-40oz

ATTENTION !!! They will reach their full absorption capacity after a dozen washes.


Molded diapers are mostly made from natural fiber, so we suggest you maintain them with care. They can be added to your diaper wash routine without a problem, but warm cycles are recommended. Here are some tips that will avoid damaging the elastics, losing softness or stiffening the fabrics (don't forget that they have several layers!) And losing the shine to the patterns:

- Avoid Borax, bleach or oxy clean, if possible.
- Do not use a '' Sanitize '' style cycle
- We suggest a fabric softener of Beyond soft style of Unicorn to maintain elasticity and softness of fabrics
- The sun is your friend! in the event of a stain, a natural stain remover bar (Madame blancheville, Buncha Farmers, etc.) can be used locally, but let your molded dry in the sun for a few hours (not on the side of the pattern preferably) to dislodge stubborn stains (Allo les breastfed babies)
- The dryer should only be used for a little 20 minutes when the diaper is almost dry to help the fabrics keep their '' fluff ''


Moi je suis complètement vendu!! Belle variété de couleur, plusieurs possibilités, confectionneuse à l’écoute et beaucoup d’ajustement. Toujours livré rapidement et dans les délais mentionné.

Mom Catherine

Un service à laclientèle en or ! Rapidité, efficacité, engagement envers ses clientes... Ont sent tout l'amour que la créatrice a pour son entreprise!

Mom Isabelle

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